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Peace! My name is Sunrise The Divine. I am an artist and healer based in Los Angeles,CA. My current endeavors include writing, creating music, coordinating events with my team "Just Vibes Collective", expanding my mind, healing through massage therapy and the continuous cultivation of the martial art form that I created called Trap Chi.

Sunrise in Santa Barbra


Trap Chi

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Peace and love family, Trap Chi is back in LA and we are having a event on 3/31/23. We will have a powerful class followed by a music and comedy show. We will have cold pressed juice, acai bowls, plant based foods, holistic healers and much more! be sure to secure your tickets asap!

New music!

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My ultimate purpose in life is to be a radiant light being. Every thing I strive for and accomplish is not only to share the energy of unconditional love and light, but to BE the beacon of this energy in the NOW moment. Unity consciousness  is here and always been here. Let's embrace each other and elevate our frequencies. Peace and love.

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